Acupuncture: How Do You Treat Upper Muscle Pain?

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If you've tried everything possible to ease your upper back pain and couldn't, consider acupuncture. Pain can strike any muscle in your upper back and shoulders. Although you can treat minor upper back pain with over-the-counter medications, you may not be able to treat deep muscle pain. Learn more about upper back pain and how acupuncture can help ease it below.

Why Do Your Back Muscles Hurt?

Back pain strikes men and women of all ages. Upper back pain can occur from almost anything, including heavy lifting, pregnancy, and weight gain. Even turning or moving your neck and shoulders in the wrong way can lead to back pain. 

If your upper back pain occurred from heavy lifting, consider using a trolley or lift machine to help you move heavy objects. If your pain occurred from pregnancy or being overweight, speak to your doctor about managing or reducing your weight. 

If your upper back pain occurred from something else, such as overusing your shoulders playing sports, take breaks in between activities. Repeated actions can cause deep muscle pain.

If none of the tips above ease your upper back pain, consider speaking to an acupuncturist. 

How Can Acupuncture Ease Your Pain?

The first thing an acupuncturist may do is assess your entire body for anything that could cause discomfort in your upper back. Upper back pain can develop as the result of something else, such as inflamed nerves, swollen glands, and infection. If your pain occurs from a serious condition, an acupuncturist will refer you to a specialist. If your upper back pain doesn't stem from something serious, an acupuncturist will begin treatment on you.

The most common acupuncture treatment used today is the needle technique. An acupuncturist inserts thin needles in different areas or points in your body. The needles help remove tension and pressure from the muscles in your body.

If the pain in your muscles is great, an acupuncturist will use a technique called needle manipulation to treat you. A specialist gently moves or manipulates the needles into your skin. The movements help relax the tissues until they no longer feel pain.

You may also need heat treatment along with your acupuncture treatments. Heat allows the muscles to relax. If you have heat-sensitive skin, inform an acupuncturist right away. 

For more details about receiving acupuncture treatment for your upper back pain or for other conditions, contact a provider near you.