How To Deal With Things At Home After Spinal Surgery

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When you have had spinal surgery, you will spend your first few days recovering in the hospital. You will start your physical therapy sessions at the hospital, before moving home and still partaking in physical therapy treatment. When you head home, you will still be dealing with pain and discomfort, and you will need to learn how to deal with a few things due to your condition. Read on to learn more.


While your soft recliner is usually your go-to chair for watching your soap operas or football games, this is not the chair that you need to be sitting in after your spinal surgery. Instead, you need a sturdy chair that has arms, which will allow you to maintain solid posture and a straight back. Make sure that you change your position regularly so that you don't get sore, but take care in not twisting your spine. While you're in a sitting position, move your ankles up and down to help keep your blood circulating through the legs. Also, make sure you get up every 30 to 45 minutes, as you don't want to stay sitting in one position for too long.


You can't heal if you don't get plenty of sleep, but it is important that you protect your spine while you sleep. If you tend to sleep on your back, make sure that you place a pillow beneath your head and knees. If you like to sleep on your side, put a pillow beneath your head and a pillow in between your knees. When you are ready to get out of the bed, do a log roll—bend your knees and roll to the side, then push up with your arms. In addition, don't hesitate to take a nap or two during the day—it'll help you heal.

Personal Hygiene

The surgical site will need to remain dry for several days, or as directed, following the surgical procedure. As a general rule, you are not permitted to take a bath for quite some time, which means you will be on shower duty! To avoid slipping and damaging your back more, invest in a shower stool or chair. You may also want to invest in a raised toilet seat to make it easier to get on and off the toilet—it'll be safer as well. To make dressing easier and faster, consider going with slip-on shoes, elastic shoelaces, and reacher tools.

For more information on spinal surgery and how to take care of yourself at home after the surgical procedure, reach out to one of the spinal surgeons in your area.