Preventing Yeast Infections While Pregnant: Five Tips

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Even if you've never had a yeast infection personally, you probably know about and are a little grossed out by the possibility. If you're pregnant and about to deliver, it's important to avoid these infections because it could affect your baby. A baby going through the birth canal could contract thrush, a similar type of infection, if their mother is dealing with that at the time. Luckily, knowledge and attention to your body will lower your risk. Regular obstretrician/gynecologist (OBGYN) visits are important, and utilizing the prevention information here should enable you to remain free from these infections throughout your pregnancy.

1-Take Off Wet Bathing Suits

A yeast infection--also called candidiasis or vaginitis--is a fungal infection which occurs when Candida albicans, a natural yeast in the female body, proliferates well beyond normal levels. This generally happens when the bacterial balance in the vaginal area is thrown off. Wet bathing suits can encourage this balance disruption; bacteria thrives in wet, dark places. If you've been wearing your bathing suit for hours on a sunny day, there's a possibility that a yeast infection could follow.

Therefore, get out of that suit as soon as you're off the beach. This will prevent bacterial growth from becoming risky.

2-Avoid Tight Jeans

If you're pregnant and growing out of clothing all the time, tight jeans could be part of life. However, just as wet bathing suits provide a welcome environment for bacterial problems, so too, do tight jeans. As you sweat, bacteria is more likely to multiply more often.

3-Eat Yogurt

Eating something to prevent yeast infections may sound wild, but yogurt is a smart way to discourage overgrowth of Candida. As you might know, yogurt itself contains bacteria that is considered good for the body. Introducing this bacteria can prompt growth and good health for the good bacteria that already exists in your own body, preventing a Candida overgrowth, and therefore, avoiding an infection.

4-Avoid "Feminine Hygiene Products"

Douches and other products marketed to "keep you fresh" in that area are often laden with chemicals that will disrupt the natural bacterial balance. You may find that the more you use these products, the more likely infections will be.

5-Chill Out

Some research suggests that higher stress makes the body susceptible to many illnesses, including yeast infections. While all stress may not be avoided, especially while you're pregnant, do your best to stop it from getting the better of you. Begin exercising. Try yoga or some kind of meditation practice. Whatever you can do to consistently calm and center yourself will help and that could preserve a natural, healthy balance of bacteria.

With these suggestions, yeast infections are unlikely to ever bother you while you're pregnant. Still, know the symptoms and be examined by your obstetrician/gynecologist (OBGYN) doctor regularly to ensure the area stays healthy.