Relieving Mild Lower Back Pain Naturally

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If you are employed at a job that requires you to sit at a desk for much of each workday, and you are suffering from mild back pain as a result of this action, it is likely you want to to find a way to reduce any discomfort you feel. There are several ways you can decrease pain without the use of medication to do so. Here are a few methods to incorporate into your daily activities to help in the reduction of lower back pain.

Make It A Priority To Move Around

Sitting in one location for several hours at a time without taking a break is likely to lead to soreness. Make it a priority to get up every hour to aid in blood circulation. Take a short walk away from your desk to stretch your back muscles. If you are unable to leave your post due to job demands, stand up every once in a while to help in thwarting pain.

Add Warm Or Cool Compresses

If you injure your back due to stretching or pulling your back, it is best to add a cool compress to the affected area for several minutes. This will aid in reducing inflammation, which can make back pain feel worse. If your pain is chronic, applying a hot compress to the area where pain is felt will minimize discomfort. Getting into a warm bath or shower at the first signs of back pain will reduce pain as well.

See A Chiropractor For Help

A chiropractor will be able to pinpoint the reasoning for chronic back pain after doing an evaluation of your stance and spinal positioning. They will make recommendations regarding exercises you can try to reduce pain on your own. Be sure to let the chiropractor know you wish to remain medication-free before they do their assessment. They will heed this request and use the power of their hands to readjust your spine as needed. It is best to see a chiropractor regularly if your back pain is felt often. This will allow them to find out if their procedures are helping or hindering progress in the elimination of pain, giving them the option making changes to their processes if necessary.

Consider A New Desk And Chair

If back pain is continual, your desk and chair may be to blame. Consider asking your employer for a lumbar support pad to aid in keeping your back straight as you work. A transitional desk can also be beneficial. This will allow you to move the working area up so you can stand as you perform your duties when you need to give your back a break from continual sitting.