Protect Your Hearing Aids During Hot Weather With These Three Tips

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Hot weather can not only make you feel over heated, but it can affect your hearing aids as well. Here are three ways that you can protect your hearing aids from getting damaged by the hot weather.

#1 Sunscreen

Although sunscreen is great for your skin, it is not great for your hearing aids. When sunscreen gets on your hearing, it often gets inside of the vents. When it gets inside of the vents, it can clog and damage them. This damage is difficult to undo or reverse.

The way to protect your hearing aids from your sunscreen is by not using spray-based sunscreens on or near your face; only use lotion-based sunscreens. When using lotion based sunscreens, be very careful to put it on your face, but not near your hearing aids. Wash your hands as soon as you are done applying sunscreen to ensure that you don't accidentally touch your hearing aids with sunscreen on your hands.

#2 Direct Sun Exposure

Next, being exposed to the direct sunlight can damage your hearing aid batteries. If you need to take your hearing aids out for any reason, don't set them down anywhere outside in the sun or inside your home where the sun will hit them for an extended period of time. Long-term exposure to the sun can cause the plastic that covers the outer shell of your hearing aids to melt.

Whenever you need to take off your hearing aids, make sure that you store them inside of a case and inside of your home where it is cool.

You can also reduce sun exposure by wearing a hat when you are outside in the sun to protect your hearing aids.

#3 Moisture

Finally, exposure to moisture can harm the electrical components inside of your hearing aids.

If possible, when you go for a swim in a pool, lake, or other body of water, take off your hearing aids and keep them secure inside of a case while you are in the water. Make sure that you dry off your ears thoroughly before putting your hearing aids back on.

When you work out, you generate a lot of sweat as well. If you know that you sweat a lot when you work out, you may want to remove your hearing aids when you work out or remove them after your workout and wipe away any sweat and moisture that got onto your hearing aids. You can also take your hearing aids off in the evening and open up the door that covers the battery so that your hearing aids have a chance to dry out.

By following the advice in the three sections above, you should be able to prevent your hearing aids from becoming damaged due to summer circumstances and conditions. For more info, contact an audiologist at a company like Audiology Consultants, P.C.