When A Stair Lift Rental Is More Ideal Than Purchasing

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Stair lifts can make life easier for people with mobility issues. However, buying a stair lift can be a costly venture, and it may not always be covered by insurance. This can leave some people trying to figure out how to get one. Renting is a viable solution for some circumstances, and the following information will help you understand some of the circumstances that may make a stair lift rental ideal. 

Payment Issues

Some insurance companies may not cover the cost of stair lifts, or they may offer partial coverage. Renting would be ideal if and you cannot afford to pay the remaining difference or the cost of a stair lift. If your budget is better suited for a smaller down payment with affordable monthly payments, then opting to rent may allow you to get the stair lift you need. There may even be an option to rent to own a stair lift under these conditions with some supply companies.

Certain Injuries or Conditions

If you have injuries that you are expected to recover from, then a stair lift can make life more comfortable for you while you are healing. A rental is ideal because you will not end up having the equipment when you no longer need it. Stair lifts are also ideal temporary mobility solutions for people who are healing from surgeries such as hip replacements.

Undecided About Purchasing

You may be a person who will feel better about investing in a stair lift if you can try models out before you buy them. While it is true that demo options are likely available from mobility companies, some people may prefer to have more time trying out models in their home before they commit to purchasing a stair lift. For example, you may be wondering about whether a straight or curved rail solution will be more comfortable, or you may have concerns about the differences between stair lift manufacturers and the features of their chairs. Renting may make testing out various models easier. 

Plans to Travel 

Perhaps you already have a stair lift in your own home. If you are planning to go and visit a relative or friend who has stairs, you can make your stay more comfortable by renting a stair lift to use while you are at their home. This is also a good idea for people who do not have mobility issues but will have guests visiting that have difficulties climbing stairs. It also can aid in preventing homeowner liability issues related to falls. 

A mobility specialist is the best resource to use if you have thought about renting a stair lift. They can offer you additional pros as well as cons to rental solutions. For example, it may be more difficult to locate stair lift rental options that are costly to recondition. Reconditioning is a part of the rental process that ensures that returned rentals are safe to rent to other individuals. Contact a business, such as All-Star Lifts, for more information.