Three Questions To Ask Before Booking Your First Chiropractic Appointment

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If you've been living with back or neck pain, picking up the phone to arrange an adjustment with a chiropractor is your first step is regaining your pain-free quality of life. For patients new to chiropractic care, it can feel a little daunting hearing about how the chiropractor will treat your issue and what you should expect. While you already possess the insight to ask a series of basic questions, it's important to have a few others in your arsenal to not only help you stay informed about this type of medical care, but to also aid in the process of picking the right chiropractor for you. Here are three valuable questions to ask.

1. How Will Billing Work With My Insurance Company?

If you have health insurance, check your policy to see if it covers chiropractic care. Many policies do, which means you'll get a portion of each treatment or the entire fee covered through insurance. It's important to understand how the chiropractor's office handles payment for patients with insurance. Some offices will contact your insurance company on your behalf and arrange to bill the insurance company directly. In other cases, you'll have to pay for the treatment up front and then submit the invoice to your company to receive compensation at a later date. The latter approach is more work for you and is worth considering before you choose your chiropractor.

2. How Much Success Has The Chiropractor Had With Treating Cases Similar To Mine?

You shouldn't ever expect a chiropractor to give you a 100 percent guarantee about how you'll respond to treatment, given that every body and every injury is slightly different. However, it's helpful to get an idea of what to expect from the series of treatments. Ask about how similar patients have fared with their chiropractic adjustments. If your back or neck issue is fairly common, the chiropractor's office will have no trouble giving you some facts to help you make your decision.

3. How Many Treatments Do You Expect I Need?

Inquiring about the number of adjustments you'll likely need is a useful add-on question to asking about the success the chiropractor has had with similar cases. Although you'll likely learn more information about your specific condition and treatment plan at the conclusion of your consultation, having even a rough idea of the length of time it will take to fix the issue is important, especially if you don't have health insurance and will have to budget for the treatments.

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