Demystifying Three Common Myths About Abortion

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In today's society, people have accepted that pregnancy is not always planned, and women have options on how to deal with it. Thus, due to the legalization of abortion in the United States, some hospitals are now offering abortion services to those interested. However, abortion remains a sensitive topic because everyone has an opinion based on their beliefs. The only drawback is that some people's beliefs are based on myths that lack scientific merit. Ultimately, these myths mislead people, making it hard for them to trust surgical abortion despite being safe. This blog will depict three common myths about abortion. 

Abortion Causes Infertility

Some people view abortion as an invasive surgical procedure where many things could go wrong, thus causing infertility. Others believe that the procedure is painful since the doctor scrapes the uterus. However, abortion is a safe procedure, provided it is done in a hospital or an abortion clinic. These abortion services can either use the aspiration abortion procedure or the dilation and evacuation procedure. The process depends on the woman's pregnancy period, so the doctor must assess the patient before the procedure. Thus, there isn't any relationship between abortion and infertility because the procedure is safe, and one can get pregnant after the surgery.  

Abortion Makes Someone Feel Guilty

One of the myths about abortion is that you will feel guilty after the procedure. The guilt stems from the prevailing argument that one may not conceive after aborting their child, despite aborting from the right abortion services. However, this is false because everyone has different reasons for aborting. For example, some women abort due to health-related issues, while others do it because they are not financially prepared. It makes it easy for women to feel no regrets because their current situation does not allow them to raise a baby. Furthermore, women feel guilt due to social stigmatization after the abortion. Some people judge women for aborting, making them feel guilty despite accepting their decision. Thus, the guilt feeling stems from society and not from an individual. 

Abortion Is A Birth Control Method

Another myth about abortion is that it is a birth control method. However, this is false because birth control methods, such as condoms prevent pregnancy. This myth is inaccurate because one aborts because they are pregnant. Thus, it cannot be a birth control method because it negates the primary purpose of a contraceptive. Additionally, some women go to various abortion services to terminate their pregnancy because the fetus is endangering their health. Such circumstances demonstrate that abortion is not a birth control method because these women are forced to terminate their pregnancy. 

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