Less-Common Anxiety Treatments To Explore

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For people with anxiety, treatment often involves anti-anxiety medication and talk therapy. Often, these treatments are reasonably effective. However, there are a few times when they do not work as well as hoped, or when they take longer to work than you'd like. During times like these, it may be helpful to look into some of the following, less-common anxiety treatments.


Acupuncture sometimes gets a bad rap because it is not as well-researched or understood as a lot of western medicine. However, it is becoming more popular as a treatment for a wide range of conditions, including anxiety. The prevailing understanding is that the tiny needles inserted into your skin trigger certain aspects of your brain to secrete hormones that promote both pain relief and relaxation. A single acupuncture session can help bring down your anxiety levels for a few days, if not longer. Regular acupuncture can help you keep your anxiety under control in the longer term. And don't worry, you barely feel the needles being inserted. It's not painful at all.

Magnesium Supplements

Some people who suffer from anxiety are simply low on magnesium. This mineral is mostly found in fruits and vegetables, and many people do not eat enough of these foods to get adequate amounts of magnesium in their diet. Plus, foods grown in nutrient-depleted soils may not contain as much magnesium as they should. Taking magnesium supplements can help the body make more relaxing neurotransmitters, which can reduce anxiety. Sometimes magnesium supplements cause you to loosen stools at first, but this side effect tends to ease up after a week or so. The anxiety-fighting effects should build, over time, as you continue to take the supplements.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

If you have not found standard therapy helpful for the treatment of your anxiety, you may want to look into a specific type of therapy called dialectical behavioral therapy. This therapy helps you learn to recognize your anxiety and then manage it while you navigate through life. Rather than focusing on getting rid of your anxiety, it teaches you to be mindful of your anxiety and work through it. This can be a really helpful approach for anyone who seems to struggle with breakthrough anxiety in spite of using other treatments.

These anxiety treatments are less common than traditional anxiety medications, but they can be a really good choice for some people. Talk to your doctor or therapist about these different options. Reach out to a local anxiety treatment clinic, such as BrainCore Therapy of Louisville, to learn more.