What To Look For In Scrubs As A Man

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When you look at a man wearing scrubs next to a woman wearing scrubs, it is easy to assume the two can wear the exact same attire. Scrubs aren't very form-fitting, and they all look very similar. But even though some are marketed as unisex, not all scrubs fit men and women equally. If you are a man looking for scrubs, there are a few features you'll probably want to have, which may not be that important — or may even be undesirable — for women.

Wide, Roomy Shoulders

Most men have broader shoulders than most women. If you buy scrubs that are too narrow in the shoulders, you will probably find that they bind and pinch when you reach forward or up, which you'll probably have to do at least a few times during a shift. So, look for scrubs with plenty of shoulder room. Measure one of your shirts that fits well, and see how wide it is across the shoulders. Then, as you are shopping for scrubs, either look up the shoulder measurements or measure the scrubs yourself. Make sure the scrubs you buy are at least as wide as that shirt that fits well.

A Higher Rise

Some scrubs have more material between the crotch and the waistband than others. As a man, you probably don't want any scrubs sold as low rise or even mid-rise, as these may be a bit too restrictive for your genital region. Instead, you want scrubs sold as "high rise." These scrubs are designed to sit at the navel or slightly above it, which is where most men's natural waistlines tend to be anyway. If the scrubs you are looking at are not labeled with the rise height, just make sure the rise looks as high as the jeans you normally wear.

Longer Pant Length

On average, men are taller than women. So, you probably want to buy scrubs in a long length to ensure they are long enough to fit you. Of course, if you know you're on the shorter side, you can feel free to ignore this advice. But if you're used to wearing "short" length in other pants, don't be surprised if you need an "average" length in scrubs since they're marketed to both sexes.

While many scrubs are meant to be unisex, not all scrubs fit all people. Just keep the characteristics above in mind as you shop for men's scrubs.