What Can A Home Care Service Do For A Bed-Bound Loved One?

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Are you caring for a loved one who is bed-bound? While it is kind of you to provide care for this person, you may want to consider hiring a home health care service to help out. Even if they only come by every couple of days, these services can send skilled nurses and nursing assistants to take great care of your loved one. Here are a few of the most important services they can provide for someone who is bed-bound.


When someone is in bed all of the time, they need to be periodically moved and rotated so that there is not constant pressure on the same parts of their body. If this is not done regularly, then they can develop bedsores, which can be really painful and tough to treat. A home health care aide can re-position your loved one whenever they visit and keep track of when this needs to be done. This is a common service they provide, and they are trained to do it in the most compassionate, effective way.

Medication Management

Chances are, your bed-bound loved one is on a couple of medications. It can be tough to keep track of which ones need to be given when. Sometimes, it's hard to even get your loved one to take their medications! An in-home caregiver can help. They can put pills into organizer packages so that your loved one knows which ones to take, when. They can also directly give the pills to your loved one. Often, patients are more willing to take pills given to them by medical personnel than by their family members.


Getting your bed-bound loved one to the doctor and to other appointments is sure to be a chore. You may not have a vehicle that they can ride in comfortably, and you may not be strong enough to help them up. A home health care service can help with this. Most have vans they can use to transport patients in wheelchairs or hospital beds. They can send extra staff, if needed, to help get your loved one into the van and then into the building for their appointment.

A home care service is incredibly helpful when you have a loved one who is bed-bound. They can help keep your loved one in good health while also giving you a bit of a break from the daily hustle and bustle.