How To Avoid Getting An STD

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You need to know how to avoid getting an STD (sexually transmitted disease) if you're sexually active. Whether you're in an exclusive relationship or not, being sexually active means you should exercise caution every time you are intimate with another person.

Overcome Your Embarrassment

Try not to be embarrassed about discussing STDs. Think about STDs as any other virus, like a cold. As a biological being, you're susceptible to all kinds of viruses and STDs are just one form. On the forefront of the battle against STDs is your ability to openly discuss them with your doctor and sexual partners.

Get Tested

Next, you should get tested for any existing STDs. Some STDs can linger undetected without obvious symptoms. Your only definite way of knowing if you already have an STD is to get tested by a medical doctor. If you have one, you can get treated, and if you don't, you'll get peace of mind.

Consider Abstinence

The only 100% way to avoid STDs is abstinence. If you're fearful of getting an STD, you should weigh the risks against the rewards of having physical relations. If you choose to abstain, don't let others make you feel bad for doing so. Abstinence is a perfectly rational and valid method to avoiding STDs. Abstinence doesn't make you prudish. Remember that in the past, abstinence was common and even expected before marriage.

Use Prophylactics

The most common kind of prophylactic is a condom. The condom inhibits direct contact between the male's penis and the female's vaginal area. While this isn't guaranteed to prevent STDs, a condom does help minimize contact and the exchange of bodily fluids significantly enough to be considered effective against STDs.

Be Aware of Sores

Many STDs, such as herpes and syphilis, present as open sores during some of their stages. These sores may appear on the genitalia or on the lip area. If you or your partner engages in relations when sores are present, the chances of transmitting an STD may be higher. To be on the safe side, have sores examined by a doctor, and avoid contact until given the okay by a medical professional.

None of this means you have to be so vigilant that it lowers your level of enjoyment. Physical intimacy is one of the most satisfying activities that humans can enjoy. To continue being able to practice physical relations in a healthy environment, these safety tips are recommended. Speak with someone like Advanced Urology Associates to learn more.