Edible Green Tea, Polyphenols & You: Why You May Want to Start Consuming More Green Tea

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Green tea is differentiated from black tea by the stage at which the leaves are picked and at the level of fermentation used to change the tea from green to black. If you are concerned about drinking green tea, you should know that its health benefits far outweigh the occasional side effects of a caffeine rush. In fact, green tea has far less caffeine than a cup of black coffee. Some special chemicals found in green tea, known as polyphenols, may be the biggest reason to drink green tea and include it in some recipes for your diet. Here are what polyphenols are, and why you may want to start consuming more green tea.

Polyphenols Are Anti-aging Chemicals

Antioxidants help fight signs of aging in your skin, hair and internal organs. Antioxidants commonly found in foods include the polyphenols found in tea and red wine. Consumption of green tea in the morning and red wine at night is considered by some health professionals as a good way to cover your bases with regards to antioxidants. It also ensures that you will relax and sleep at night while more alert in the morning.

Green Tea's Polyphenls May Prevent Some Types of Female and Digestive Cancers

Because the polyphenols in green tea bind with hormones that are the result of an overproduction of that hormone in the body. By decreasing too much of a hormone, you also decrease the possibility of tumors and cancers associated with the overabundance of hormones. Additionally, women who drink a lot of green tea or consume a green tea powder in their favorite recipes seem to have far fewer abnormal cells (if any) in their annual cervical PAP smears, which suggests that green tea's polyphenols may fight cancer or prevent cancerous cells from forming.

Green Tea's Polyphenols Fight Inflammation in the Body

If you would prefer not to take any pain medications that your doctor prescribes because you are worried about putting an engineered pharmaceutical in your body, your doctor may suggest that you drink green tea. It fights inflammation in the body, including joint inflammation caused by arthritis and gout. If you have a swollen ankle or tennis elbow, it may also be beneficial for these painful conditions to consume green tea for the inflammation-reducing polyphenols. People with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Crohn's disease may have some relief from their painful symptoms when they drink green tea too.

For more information, contact edible green tea suppliers and your doctor.