3 Easy Ways To See A Noticeable Difference In Your Skin In Just 30 Days

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It would be great if the youthful skin you had as a young adult stayed as elastic, bright, and healthy-looking, but as you age and life takes its toll, you are bound to see a difference in the healthy appearance of your skin. While most people assume that seeing a difference in the healthy appearance of their skin is a feat that will take months, you can actually take control now and see a difference in as little as 30 days or less. There are three easy ways you can make sure you see a noticeable difference in the health of your skin by the time 30 days have passed. 

Make sure you are getting enough sleep. 

Sleep is super important for skin regeneration because hormone levels raise and reproductive cycles happen faster while your body is at rest. Therefore, if you have been skimping on sleep, you are sure to see your skin pay the price. Try to get a good solid eight hours of sleep at night. If your work schedule does not permit a straight eight hours of sleep, try to fit in a nap at some point in the day. 

Stop exasperating your skin with too many products.

Moisturizers, wrinkle cream, sunblock, cleanser, pore-cleaning strips, micro-scrubs, and of course, makeup remover--this is just a small fraction of the stuff that usually gets applied to your skin. While a good skin care regimen is an important thing, there is such a thing as using way too many products and inadvertently making things worse. Keep your skin care regimen simple by using a gentle cleanser in the morning and at night. Apply moisturizer as needed and look for products that pull double duty, such as a moisturizer that also boasts SPF protection. 

Make a conscious effort to eat cleaner foods. 

To see a notable difference in your skin, you don't have to necessarily change your diet completely, but what you do need to do is try to eat cleaner foods. Stay away from high-fat, high-sugar foods, such as soft drinks and fried foods. Your skin is a direct reflection of what is taking place in your body. If you are giving your body a lot of junk as fuel, the residual contaminants of fat and oil will show up exuded from your pores. Try to incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet and drink plenty of water. Click here to learn more about skin renewal in your area.