Four Benefits Of Lift Chairs That You May Not Have Considered (And Probably Should!)

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As you age, your body begins to slow down, break down and shut down when you do not want it to. It can be very frustrating to find that while you could once open a jar of pickles with little trouble, arthritis and pain in your hands may now prevent you from even so much as waving. If you have arthritis and pain in your knees, hips or back, just sitting or standing can be a problem too. A lift chair, one that helps push you from a sitting to a standing position, can help. If you have not considered buying a lift chair, here are some reasons why you probably should.

Lift Chairs Are Exceedingly Comfortable

Most lift chairs are modeled after high-end recliners. There is a lot of soft cushioning and padding to cradle your aching body and provide some measure of comfort every time you sit down. Some of the latest models of lift chairs even have memory foam in their makeup so that the chair distinctly "remembers" your body shape and supports it perfectly every time you sit or recline in the chair.

Lift Chairs Can Help You Reach a Standing Position with Ease

When you use the remote controls on a lift chair, it can move into a full forward tilt and prop you right up on your feet without you moving more than a finger muscle. This is all done quite slowly because the chairs are designed to help you get to a standing position with little to no pain. As the arthritis gets worse with age, you may need someone to steady you once the lift chair has tilted all the way up and forward, but it will still be easier than attempting to push out of a chair and stand on your own. If you have had hip or knee surgery, minimal pressure is applied to help you get up, which alleviates much of the post-operative pain you may feel.

Lift Chairs Can Also Be Very Therapeutic

If you decide to buy a lift chair, and you want to get something beyond the base models, there are lift chairs that have built-in heat and massage therapy too. The heat and massage functions mimic the same therapies your rheumatologist might use or recommend to help you stay limber and pain-free. The chair can do the same--providing the same kind of therapeutic care that your doctor or massage therapist might provide.