3 Benefits Provided by Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is a fantastic service that can help you recover from all manner of illnesses and injuries, including those that have left you bedridden for some time. Some of the biggest benefits provided by physical therapy include pain management, flexibility, and a personalized treatment plan.

Pain Management

One of the biggest reasons to utilize physical therapy is that the therapist can help you deal with extreme pain that you may be feeling as a result of an ongoing illness or injury. In particular, physical therapy is ideal for dealing with chronic pain that is unlikely to ever go away because your illness currently has no cure. For example, people suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome experience high enough levels of pain throughout the day that they have a hard time going about their daily lives.

However, a physical therapist can help alleviate that pain by providing them with basic exercises and stretches that will not tax them too much, while also keeping them flexible enough to keep muscle and joint pain to a minimum. In addition, a physical therapist can also utilize massage therapy to give their patients much need relief from the pain, which can help them have more energy to go about their day.


Another great reason to consider utilizing physical therapy is because the service is quite flexible, which makes it very convenient for you to be able to get the treatment that you need. For example, a physical therapist can come to your home and help you out if you are incapable of leaving the house easily in order to get to a clinic. In that situation, the physical therapist can help you improve your condition until you are capable of going to the clinic for more intensive therapy, or continue assisting you within your home if your condition is unlikely to improve to that point. 

Personalize Treatment Plan

Finally, a physical therapist can assist you by providing you with a treatment plan that is personalized just for you and your particular condition. This is important because the plan will take your individual injury/illness and capabilities into account so that you can recover and rebuild your strength in a safe manner. Many people will often push themselves way too hard when attempting to recover from an injury on their own, which can easily cause the injury to come back, or cause new injuries.

Speak to a physical therapist today in order to discuss your treatment options. Physical therapy can benefit you by providing a personalized treatment plan, flexible treatment options, and a means to manage pain. Get in touch with a representative from an establishment like Coastal Orthopaedic for help today.