Listening Equipment Options

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If you have trouble hearing, there are things that you can do to improve your daily life and be sure not to miss important things. Technology has made many advances in the field of helping those with hearing trouble; so you can probably find some equipment to help your specific problem. You may even qualify for help getting it. Continue reading to learn more.

Common Problems as a Result of Hearing Difficulties

  • Not hearing the telephone, knocking, or the doorbell
  • Miss your wake-up time because you didn't hear the alarm
  • Trouble hearing the TV, radio, or telephone conversations

Alerting Devices

For situations in which you can't hear that someone is at the door, the phone ringing, or some alarm such as your alarm clock or a fire alarm, you can get alerting devices. Most of the time, these devices flash lights to alert you. There are some that vibrate or turn up the volume as well. You can usually power these cheaply and can run them through your home wirelessly.

A common solution for not hearing the doorbell ring is to have the lights in the house flicker on and off when the doorbell is pressed. If you are worried about not hearing the smoke alarm, you can get a vibrating pad and connect it to the smoke alarm so that when the alarm is activated, the pad vibrates. Putting this pad under your pillow is a great solution for sleeping easily again. An alarm clock can work the same way or use a flashing light instead.

Small Changes

If you can't hear the TV you can use a listening device that you can control the volume as needed. You can also just turn on the subtitles on the television so you don't miss any conversation.

If you can't hear conversations on the phone, you can purchase an amplified telephone that makes conversation loud enough for you to hear it. If you have extreme or total hearing loss, you can use a textphone that displays the conversation as words on the screen or even a screenphone that lets you see the other person so you can read their lips. If you are away from home, tell people to text you so you don't have to worry about hearing them.

Help Getting Equipment

Social services may help you purchase the equipment that you need through a grant or loan you devices. Your local fire department may have smoke alarms made for the hard of hearing that you may get free of charge.

As you can see, having trouble hearing doesn't have to make you miss out on life. Talk to your local hearing experts, such as Suburban Hearing Services, for more information.